The Creative Space

The Old Brickworks creative space is the brainchild of Alison Cosserat.

Alison's vision:

"To create a harmonious community of co-working artists. The space has many possibilities and will continue to evolve, built around the artists who work and meet here."

Ground Floor

Three studios are on the ground floor with disabled access and disabled lavatories. There is also a large community space. The community space has multiple uses including hot desking (or easeling), workshops, classes and talks. In 2015 we completed work on our contemporary art gallery and have since hosted a full programme of exhibits.

First Floor

On the first floor, there are six additional self-contained studios. There is also a large kitchen and a sitting room area for relaxing and meeting co-workers. A small library of art books is also housed on the first floor, available for studio occupants and workshop guests to use.


A communal area for informal meetings, large kitchen facilities, Wi-Fi, and easy access to transportation and Wellington town centre.


The Old Brick Workshop was once part of the historic, Poole Brickworks of William Thomas & Co, an enormous 19th-century brick manufacturer. It's on a rural industrial estate on the edge of Wellington, Somerset.


If you're interested in a creative space, visit and see what The Old Brick Workshop has to offer. Phone 07989 465427 or email alison@theoldbrickworkshop.com

Alison Cosserat

Alison studied Fine Art at university, she's a decorative antique furniture restorer specialising in gold leaf, painted furniture and lacquer work.

The Old Brick Workshop is a project that came about when Alison went in search of a new premises for her restoration work. She discovered The Old Brickworks, a building far too big for her needs but she recognized huge potential as a shared premises.  

Alison reached out to local artists on Facebook to gauge interest. She immediately got a positive response and has taken on the task of transforming the building into a thriving space for artists and creative small businesses.

The original insipid yellow that covered most of the walls has now disappeared and clean white studio space has taken its place.

The nine studios are now occupied by local artists. If you're interested in space should one become available, simply email to be added to our waiting list.